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Both Adaptive Trunk and Arm Rowers – Both Bilateral Above Knee Amputees

Oksana Masters a young women who was adopted from the Ukraine by a single mom at the age of 7. She became an amputee as a result of radiation that caused severe birth defects; she has strived to live life to the fullest, not letting her disability define her. More about Oksana's Journey

Rob Jones a former US Marine. The everyday hometown hero that went to Afghanistan to serve his country; he came home an amputee as the result of an IED explosion. He decided that the losses of his legs were not the loss of his life and he has become an amazing adaptive athlete. More about Rob's Journey

Rob and Oksana will represent the USA in the Paralympics in London. Team Bad Company received the gold medal at the World Cup Olympic Qualifying Regatta in Belgrade, Serbia after coming in first place for adaptive rowing in the Trunk and Arms Division. They won with a time of 4:11.29 that was 6.9 seconds ahead of the competition.

Even though they have reached their dreams of representing the United States this summer, they still need your help. The costs to reach London are astronomical, but with the help of friends, family, and the community; Oksana and Rob can represent the accomplishments of all amputees, the adaptive rowing sport, the hometown heroes, those with a vision to not let life’s trials get in the way, and to all those who live the life they were given with no regrets.

Oksana Masters

Oksana Masters was adopted at the age of 7 years old, from an orphanage in the Ukraine. She is a bilateral above knee amputee as a result of birth deformities from radiation poisoning inuterio. At the age of 13 she began rowing. Oksana holds many first place medals over the years in adaptive rowing, including ten gold medals from the Bayada Regatta. She competed twice at the Head of the Hooch with a first place finishes as well. Notably, Oksana was the first adaptive rower in the Indiana Head of the Eagle where she competed in the open women single race and won.

She also rowed in the Head of the Ohio in the 2x adaptive division and finished second against slide seat rowers. In 2009 she set a world record at the CRASH B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championship with a time of 4:27. With her current rowing partner Rob Jones, they rowed the Head of the Anacostia achieving a first place win. Oksana is an amazing young woman who has lived through and achieved more than many can even imagine. Through rowing, Oksana finds peace and healing on the water as well as strives for her dream of competing in the Paralympics.

Robert Jones

Rob Jones is a US Marine who was honorably serving our country in Afghanistan when he came across an IED (explosive), which resulted in a need for amputations. Rob became a bilateral above knee amputee in July of 2010. However, he has not let this life changing incident change his attitude! Rob is a strong man with a great personality that has decided to turn his misfortune into an opportunity to be a competitive athlete.

He is not only an adaptive rower but has also competed in the Marine Corps 10k (6.2 Miles), the Army 10 Miler, the CFI Mini Triathlon, as well as the Nations Olympic Distance Triathlon (a .9 mile swim, 24 mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run)! In his short adaptive rowing career, he has already placed in several competitions: 1st Male - Stonewall Regatta; 1st Male - Capital Sprints; 2nd Mixed and 2nd Male - Bayada Regatta; 1st Mixed - Head of the Anacostia, and 2nd Mixed - Head of the Charles. Rob’s strong drive and pure athletic talent will help in the pursuit of his 2012 Paralympics dream.



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Oksana and Rob are preparing the best they can to represent the United States in the 2012 Paralympics in London; however they are in need of financial support to help further their dreams. These sponsorships will allow Oksana and Rob to cover expenses for equipment, coaching and training, travel and entry fees, etc. To ensure that Team Bad Company will make it to the Paralympics, they need to raise $50,000 in donations. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of law, as long as no goods or services are provided in exchange for the contribution. Please consider one of the sponsorship levels below. Thank you!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold Level: $2,000
For the ultimate way to support the goals of Oksana and Rob, the gold level sponsorship includes a select group of individuals who contribute $2000 or more. Team Bad Company can achieve their mission, by focusing on their extensive training for the Paralympics.
Silver Level: $1,000
The silver level sponsorship includes those who make large commitments by giving up to $1000. These contributions will ensure that Team Bad Company will be fully prepared to represent Team USA.
Bronze Level: $500
The bronze level sponsorship includes supporters who donate up to $500. With these donations, Oksana and Rob will be able to train and prepare for their dream of winning the 2012 Paralympics.
Fan Level: under $100
The fan level includes those who want to support the mission of Team Bad Company with donations under $100. These dollars will be used to provide equipment, training, and travel fees for the team. Oksana and Rob are grateful for their supportive fans.

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